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以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 緊急要將演算法改回 CryptoNight

Shit Happens !

是沒有很驚嚇啦,只是些許的無奈。猶記得一個月前我還在期待「準備迎接以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 硬分叉後的全新局面到來」,沒想到這陣子 ETN 不但沒漲,反而還跌得比整體幣圈平均還兇,然後昨晚就看到這樣的消息。ETN 要在區塊高度 324,500 時,再度進行硬分叉,將演算法從 CryptoNightV7 改回去變成原來的 CryptoNight。而且很急,大概明天晚上就改了。

理由是因為換演算法以來的這一個月,願意持續參與 ETN 挖礦的顯卡礦工數量太少,絕大多數礦工都是唯利是圖的看到利潤才來挖,難度太高了就跑了,尤其是現在有 NiceHash 這種平台要調度算力實在是太容易了,導致全網算力呈現非常不穩定的波浪狀,妳看下面的難度表就知道了,是不是有種桂林山水甲天下的感覺呢?

要換回就換回吧,隨妳了。我這邊呢,基於 ETN 的手機挖礦是免本穩賺的生意這樣的理由,還是堅決繼續這麼挖下去,而且也會繼續推廣下去,畢竟不會有甚麼損失。萬一賭對了,未來 ETN 大漲上去,那就開心了。

以下,是 ETN 公告的原文,給大家參考。

Hi Everyone!


  • We have an urgent software update below for anyone who runs a full Electroneum Node. If you don’t know what a node is – don’t worry! You won’t need to do anything.
  • We also have a VERY exciting update about an upcoming listing on a top 10 exchange.
  • How will I mine Electroneum after this update?
  • Instant Payment vendor API is open for BETA applicants.
  • How can ETN change the world?
Please note that nothing in this message refers to MOBILE MINING – we are referring to the underlying blockchain miners.

Urgent Electroneum Node / RPC / Command Line Wallet Update



It’s only been a few short days since I made a video and said “our fork went well! We’re ready for 20m Users!”.

The fork was a great success, from a technical standpoint. Unfortunately, we never got back the number of GPU miners that are needed to ensure our network runs smoothly and has stable block emission. A new phenomenon has emerged where a number of users are mining Electroneum in waves. They come on and then leave after a few hours in a coordinated manner to mine ETN in a completely selfish way. We can’t blame  people for  maximizing their profit, but we have not built up the amount of “hashing power” that is required to make this impossible and create the stability we need in the network.

This has left us at risk. As such, we have to take urgent action to stabilise our network and protect the Electroneum community.

Coinbene Listing Electroneum & our network stability

We have formally agreed and signed contracts to be listed in July on the AWESOME, top 10, cryptocurrency exchange https://Coinbene.com & https://Coinbene.com.br

Coinbene have 1.5m active users and are a GREAT fit for Electroneum. Their primary markets are Latin America and Asia – which fits perfectly with Electroneum’s customer base. They have seen enormous growth over the last few months and have been very positive about the Electroneum Project.

Whilst this is great news, we will need much more hashing power to ensure we have network stability for our listing on this exchange, so we’ve taken the decision that we can’t wait any longer for GPU miners to return to us and we must run an urgent software update to re-introduce ASIC mining to Electroneum.

This is a very positive move for Electroneum. A great deal of Bitcoin’s trust and appeal is from the enormous hashing power and distribution of miners on the network. Bitcoin & LiteCoin have embraced ASICs and we feel that it is the right thing for Electroneum to do the same.

ASICS are becoming more prevalent, they cost considerably less to run than a GPU rig and use a fraction of the electricity. We are going to encourage more ASIC ownership and take our hashing rate up to (and beyond) the enormous levels of hashing power that we had before the May fork.

There is a further development. The first generation of hardware called an FPGA miner is arriving during 2018 and they make ANTI-ASIC capabilities a thing of the past, as they circumvent the slow delivery time of new ASICs by being re-programmable. If we are ready to embrace these rather than fight them, our network hashing power is increased further and our network stability and security is further enhanced.

Because ASICS run cooler, quieter and use a fraction of GPU rig power, they are suitable for MORE people to run in their homes. If you are interested, a search of “Cryptonight ASIC miner” in Google or Ebay will find the equipment needed to mine Electroneum. You will need to be reasonably technical to achieve this!

Having a stable network is absolutely key to both delivering mass adoption and to ensure we have a great relationship with the great exchanges that we’re already listed with, and to encourage more of the larger exchanges to see Electroneum as a coin that they want on board.

How will I mine Electroneum after this update?

If you are a mobile miner – nothing changes. If you are a GPU or ASIC miner then you’ll need to connect to an Electroneum pool but it is important to note that you will need to change your ALGORITHM. You MUST use the algorithm “Cryptonight” and NOT “Electroneum” or “CryptonightV7”. This will ensure your device works after the update. We will communicate this to all pools, but if you are a member of a mining pool – PLEASE LET THE ADMINS KNOW ABOUT THIS CRITICAL UPDATE. They must update their pool node by block 324500, which is only around 36 hours away.

Instant Payment vendor API is open for BETA applicants

Instant Cryptocurrency Payments via smart phone has always been a critical part of what Electroneum required to achieve mass market adoption. It’s never been done, but 9 short months after our ICO we are excited to announce that we have opened to the doors to vendors who would like to accept payment via Electroneum. The application is to be part of the BETA rollout of instant payment, but will operate on the live blockchain with real ETN!

If you run a business or know someone who does – why not recommend they apply to accept ETN. The Press and Marketing opportunities for the first, in any sector, to accept cryptocurrency are huge! Be part of the instant payment API BETA program by completing this form:


How can ETN change the world?

Instant payment does far more than allow people to pay for their coffee with crypto instead of their VISA card.

If you’d like to know more about Electroneum’s future I suggest you read a fantastic article that describes its coming role in the world, by fellow director Chris Gorman OBE (Officer of the British Empire – awarded by the Queen of England!): https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-cryptocurrency-enable-financial-inclusion-chris-gorman-obe-duniv

Electroneum has one of the largest of all cryptocurrency communities and it is made up of passionate and amazing people. With your support and world changing things we have coming out over the next few weeks, we can use this update to make our blockchain foundation secure and lead the world in mobile cryptocurrency.

I'm sure you agree that we've been through some challenging times which our team have always dealt with and learned from. The strength and support from our community and many of our goals becoming a reality combined with this blockchain update will give us the perfect foundation to deliver the Electroneum vision that we all share.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long message.

Have a great day everyone,

Richard Ells
Founder, Electroneum.com

準備迎接以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 硬分叉後的全新局面到來

不小心逛到虎嗅網的這一篇「为了对抗比特大陆,ETN硬分叉把自己玩死了」,報導認為:5 月 30 日下午,ETN(Electroneum 以利坊)在出完第 307,499 個區塊後進行了硬分叉。之後,算力斷崖式下跌,然後算力歸零,分叉幣 ETN 死了。根據業內人士看,這是分叉幣在以卵擊石對抗比特大陸,意外將自己終結。

沒有啦!算力是瞬間縮到很小是沒錯,但經過這幾天來團隊及各主要礦池的努力之下,區塊高度已經從 307,500 推進到 307,571 了耶!

這樣沒死啦。目前之所以不太有礦工在挖 ETN,是因為挖礦難度還硬撐在 178,396,671,184 不下來,這麼高的難度要用 GPU 去挖是挖不出甚麼東西的。不過,有專家算過了,當區塊高度過了 307,575 之後,挖礦難度就會因為統計區間的緣故而大幅下降,這時候,所有礦工就會蜂擁而至了。


讓以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 帶你進入加密貨幣的世界



有沒有?是不是?折騰了半天,手上卻還是一個幣也沒有。這是人性,我沒有嘲笑你的意思,這世上什麼人都有,有些人天生小心謹慎能有什麼錯,是吧?這些朋友你可以繼續觀望、繼續研究,但是以下容我提供一個透過以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 帶你進入加密貨幣的世界的方法,請參考。

為甚麼我說 ETN 可以幫你進入加密貨幣的世界呢?主要是因為它是免費的,只要你具備下列簡單的條件,你就可以參與:
  • 有 Android 手機
  • 有手機門號
  • 手機有連通網際網路
  • 有 Email 信箱
我相信大部分人都能符合這樣的條件,於是你就有資格可以每天賺到至少十個 ETN 幣。你只需要簡單的使用手機到 ETN 官網去註冊,然後再用手機到 Google Play 去下載安裝 Electroneum 應用程式,等你完成註冊 ETN,一切都安置好了並開始用手機挖礦之後,建議你可以點選挖礦頁面下方的「賺取免費幣」這個連結,在裡面輸入我的推薦碼 387FB7,如此,你會比別人多挖 1% 的礦,不無小補哦。

以利坊的介紹我之前有寫了好幾篇,你可以從後面這個連結:以利坊去了解,這邊就不再重複介紹。現在要趕快來講講 ETN 接下來要怎麼運用了,每天 10 個 ETN,一個月就有 300 個 ETN 了,接下來我建議你可以去註冊一個 KuCoin 交易所帳號,這樣就可以開始來運用賺來的這些 ETN 幣了。

KuCoin 是幾個可以交易 ETN 的交易所之一,我們可以定期把手機裡 ETN 錢包內的幣發送到 KuCoin 來交易,建議你可以試試在 KuCoin 裡將它轉換 (交易) 成比特幣,這麼做的好處非常明顯,原先我們想很多所以不敢貿然進場,現在每個月平白多出一堆免本的 ETN 幣給我們自由運用,因為免本,所以膽子也就大了,很輕易的,我們就開始持有比特幣了,是吧,哈哈哈。另外,我還知道,很多朋友甚至都還是學生,一點股票交易的 經驗都沒有,什麼 K 線,什麼量價關係,什麼看盤交易技巧都還不會,貿然要用自己的錢下去買,還真的買不下去,但這時有了這些 ETN 來做練習,還真的是能開啟加密貨幣世界的敲門磚啊!等你手上已經有了一些比特幣,也熟悉了整個交易的過程及技巧,以後機會再來的時候,你想要拿自己的錢去 All In 的時候,也就不會怕了。

那如果你覺得一天只賺 10 ETN 太少,瞧不上眼,其實還你可以考慮像我這樣,將 ETN 介紹給你的朋友,只要你朋友用了你的推薦碼,對雙方都有好處,她會每天多 1% 的收益,而你則是會獲得她每日收益的 5%,也就是說,當你拉二十個人後,你每天就是 20 ETN 了。而且這不會很難,因為這全然是免費的!

祝各位發財!別忘了我的 ETN 推薦碼是 387FB7 哦,基本上,你不用我的推薦碼,別人也不會用你的,那大家都不用賺囉,呵呵呵。

以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 官方對於手機挖礦沒入帳的回應

我在 2018-03-06 的這篇「以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 不耗電的手機挖礦」提到 ETN 時,那時的「活躍挖礦程序」還只是 40,898 個,但是你看看上面我剛剛截下來的這張圖,短短一個月時間,礦機數目已經倍增到 81,205 個了!

正因為這個原因,大家瘋狂的手機挖礦,導致交易池裡等待確認的交易筆數一時去化不掉,越積越多,最後就變成了現在這樣,每天累積滿 10 ETN 之後,這筆款項就會從「待定餘額」中消失,但是又沒有被增加到「錢包餘額」中,感覺上就像這筆款憑空消失了。大家都很害怕挖來的 ETN 就這樣不見了。

  1. 它們知道有這個問題
  2. 它們先調整程式,讓「待定餘額」暫時繼續累積,不受 10 ETN 規則限制。
  3. 你不會再感受到款項不見了
  4. 它們會盡快解決問題


最後,等你完成註冊 ETN,一切都安置好了並開始用手機挖礦之後,建議你可以點選挖礦頁面下方的「賺取免費幣」這個連結,在裡面輸入我的推薦碼 387FB7,如此,你會比別人多挖 1% 的礦,不無小補哦。

以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 手機挖礦大改版

一個月前跟大家介紹的這個「以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 不耗電的手機挖礦」,看來大家對這個幣相當有興趣,這篇文章竟然是每天到訪我這個網站瀏覽率最高的一篇。而三天前,它有動靜了。

首先,它大幅改善了手機挖礦體驗。在原先的設計中,是會依照手機的硬體規格給定不同的算力,像我那幾台舊機每台都只有不到 8 H/s。但在三天前,一切不一樣了,你看上圖,它從 8 H/s 大幅提高到了 30 H/s,而且我到各大論壇查證的結果,是所有手機都是統一 30 H/s 了,不再看你的規格檔次了。

這三天來我真的挖得超開心的,原先一天挖不到一個 ETN,現在一天就可以輕輕鬆鬆挖到十個。這又是另一個神奇的地方,如果我們是用顯卡 GPU 礦機來挖的話,若想一天出礦 10 ETN 的話,是要 300 H/s 算力才做得到,現在竟然一台爛爛手機就做到了,而且,真的是完全不耗電。

腦筋動得快的朋友可能有想到多開幾台手機甚至是用 Nox 這類的模擬器來大幹一場。不過要注意一下了,這次其實它同步 (配套) 的修訂了使用條款。一個帳號只允許開一台,而且不能用模擬的,被抓到是會被停權的。如上圖,各位可以自行查詢它的 TOS 的第 17 章。所以,我只好暫時關了我那幾台舊手機了。

知道為甚麼我說「暫時」嗎?因為我在想上面這個台灣之星的輕速吃到飽方案。一個月只要 99 元台幣,而我如果開一個 ETN 新帳號搭配這方案,一個月可以挖到 300 ETN。而這 300 ETN 以時價 $0.022 美金來換算的話,是可以到 190 台幣以上,等於說,每個月扣掉電信費用後,至少還賺 90 元台幣,而且,這還是加密貨幣最低迷的現在的價格,以後一定是賺更多的。

秘密已經告訴你了,你自己看著辦吧。別覺得倒賺這區區 90 元瞧不上眼,可以試著想像一下,這情況若是發生在落後的未開發國家,這可是從沒辦法擁有手機變成人手一機的大契機耶,尤其是當以利坊真的像白皮書上寫的那樣,跟當地電信業者合作,推出挖礦手機這樣的概念,而一切已水到渠成時,ETN 已廣為流通,挖到的 ETN 可以直接轉帳給電信公司當貨幣來付費,這個美麗新世界是會就此展開的。

最後,等你完成註冊 ETN,一切都安置好了並開始用手機挖礦之後,建議你可以點選挖礦頁面下方的「賺取免費幣」這個連結,在裡面輸入我的推薦碼 387FB7,如此,你會比別人多挖 1% 的礦,不無小補哦。

以利坊 (Electroneum:ETN) 不耗電的手機挖礦


以利坊 (Electroneum : ETN),在昨天晚間,終於開放了他的手機挖礦功能。這個我等了一陣子了,以利坊的歷史、緣由、宗旨之類的訊息,網路上很多,有興趣可以自行去了解。對於這個在 CoinMarketCap 上已經竄進前 50 強的加密貨幣,一般認為 ETN 就只是門羅幣的一個分叉,沒什麼技術成分可言,但是經營團隊非常會行銷,因而造就這樣的成績。


但是看看 ETN 上面這個說明,它顯然不是真的用 CPU 算力下去挖,它是用模擬的,挖假的,所以你的手機不會耗電發燙,但是時間到了照樣得礦。科科科,我昨晚把家裡所有淘汰的舊手機又都再開機了。還等什麼,開挖囉。ETN 現在是只有 $0.073 美金,但是它團隊那麼會行銷,講得會飛天會鑽地的,哪一天飆十倍百倍上去,我一點也不意外哦。

哦對了,目前只要 Google Play 上可下載,Apple 的 App Store 的話要再等等囉。

最後,等你完成註冊 ETN,一切都安置好了並開始用手機挖礦之後,建議你可以點選挖礦頁面下方的「賺取免費幣」這個連結,在裡面輸入我的推薦碼 387FB7,如此,你會比別人多挖 1% 的礦,不無小補哦。